AC Williams

AC William realized her passion and purpose after battling with cancer (Multiple Myeloma). She created designs to lift her spirit and confidence while going through treatment and a stem cell transplant at City of Hope. 

She continues to encourage women to live by their own light, vision, and purpose. Knowing there are no obstacles that true grit and God's amazing grace cannot overcome. 

AC was always a fashion enthusiast. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved playing dress-up and experimenting with different hand me downs from her sisters. She dreamed of one day becoming a renowned fashion designer and creating a line of clothing that would not only make women look beautiful, but also feel confident and empowered.

However, AC William dreams were put on hold when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. It was a devastating blow for her and her family. But instead of giving up, AC turned to her faith in God. She believed that He had a bigger plan for her and she refused to let her illness bring her down.

During her chemotherapy treatments, ACWilliam would often sketch fabrics together to create Beautiful, It was her way of staying positive and focused on healing and peace. She also found solace in praying and reading inspirational books. Her faith in God only grew stronger as she battled with the cancer.

One day, while she was in the hospital, ACWilliam had an epiphany. She realized that she wanted to create a line of clothing that would not only be fashionable, but also practical and convenient for women. As she struggled with packing for her hospital stays and traveling to and from treatments, she knew that there had to be a better way for women to travel. 

With her newfound purpose, ACWilliam started working on her line of clothing, which she named DressNfinity. She pours her heart and soul into every piece, designing them with the modern woman in mind. Her line consisted of versatile dresses that could be worn in multiple ways, making them perfect for travel and packing. while on-the-go.

Despite her illness, ACWilliam was determined to see her dream come to life. She worked tirelessly, even during her treatments, and with the help of her family and friends, DressNfinity was launched. 

ACWilliam' faith in God and her passion for fashion has not only helped her overcome her illness, but it had also brought her purpose.

She made it her mission to use DressNfinity as a platform to spread her message of hope and to inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Her vision is to leave a legacy of faith, hope, and inspiration for women all over the world, touching the hearts of many and using her line of clothing to became a symbol of strength, value and resilience.

 Today, DressNfinity is not just a clothing brand, but a movement for Jesus, 

ACWilliam, her journey of battling cancer and creating DressNfinity will always be a reminder of the power of faith and the strength of the human spirit.

  AC Williams influence was apparent in her early years. She admired her mother’s style of dress and credits her feminine instincts of fashion from her mother's classy  style from the  late 60's 70’s. Watching the way her mother carried herself even as a stay at home mom with grace never a hair out of place, always ready for what ever came her way made AC take notice. Her mother's style of dress was simple and classy. Color coordinated with flattering solids and prints that compliment her body and personality.  By the time AC was in her early teens she had adopted her mothers style. She created her own look, sewing bits and pieces of clothes together passed down from her 8 sister's.  At age 18, AC  landed her first job doing alterations in a uniform shop where she learned how to fit and tailor clothes. From there , her passion for fashion was a reflection of her style.  AC's style is inspired by abstract stylish art; including stretch and free flowing


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